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V-Bank Carbon Filters

Carbon Filter Replacements and Bulk Carbon Charcoal Media

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Keep your industrial carbon filters performing at maximum efficiency while increasing the longevity of your industrial air filtration system with our full range of disposable carbon filter replacements and bulk carbon charcoal media. In addition to the OEM-compliant carbon media you need, we can also supply you with the pleats, filter bags, cartridges, baffles, or mesh filters to keep your industrial or commercial air cleaning equipment running smoothly with minimal energy consumption.

We appreciate that air filtration systems are a considerable investment and have a significant impact on both your budget and the health and safety of your workers. Rest assured that Industrial Maid's industrial and commercial air filters are constructed to the highest standards and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at prices that can't be matched. We are here to ensure that your replacement industrial carbon filters will handle your adsorption applications to reduce solvents, acids and help control odors.

Need help choosing the carbon replacement filters for your industrial equipment, or wondering when it’s time for a replacement? give us a call at 855-752-5043 and one of our experienced, friendly representatives will help you understand how your equipment operates and how you can optimize it for peak performance. Let's talk about your specific requirements, then we'll get to work on a solution for you.