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The VFD-B series is a general purpose NEMA 1 drive and offers V/F, Sensorless Vector and Closed Loop Vector control. With its Constant Torque rating and 0-2000Hz output, the VFD-B is designed to handle most conventional drive applications found in the industrial manufacturing industry. The VFD-B series drives are used in many applications including: HVAC, Compressor, Crane Gantry, Elevator, Escalator, Material Handling, Water/Wastewater, and Woodworking to name a few.

Open and Closed Loop Sensorless Vector VFD AC Drive. The VFD-B series represents Delta's NEMA1 general purpose AC drive. The sensorless vector VFD-B series drive is rated to provide constant torque, featuring open and closed loop vector control. Delta offers an optional 2000 Hz high speed output that can be factory programmed at the customer's request.


230V / 3 Phase 460V / 3 Phase 575V / 3 Phase
1 HP 1 HP 1 HP
2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
3 HP 3 HP 3 HP
5 HP 5 HP 5 HP
7.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP
10 HP 10 HP 10 HP
15 HP 15 HP 15 HP
20 HP 20 HP 20 HP

Sensorless Vector Control VFD Features:
  • 16-bit microprocessor controlled PWM output
  • Automatic torque boost & slip compensation
  • Output frequency 0.1~400Hz
  • 16-step speed control & 15-step preset speed
  • PID feedback control & PG feedback control
  • 4 accel./decel. times & 2 S-curve selections
  • Pump control & automatic energy-saving
  • Process follower - 10~10VDC, 0~10VDC, 4~20mA
  • MODBUS communication interfaces RS-485 (Baud rate 38400)
  • Coast or ramp to start
  • Adjustable V/F curve & automatic voltage regulation
  • Automatic adjustment of accel./decel. time
  • Auto tuning & sensorless vector control
  • Sleep / Revival Function
  • Master / Auxiliary and 1st/2nd frequency source selectable
  • All VFD-B drives are constant torque rated.
  • All VFD-B drives are NEMA 1 rated enclosures
  • All VFD-B drives are UL, cUL, CE marked
  • An EMI filter is required to conform to the CE EMI directive
  • All 230V single phase input drives accept both single and three phase inputs
  • 0-2000hz high speed output
Voltage range:
1 Phase 230V Series: 0.75˜2.2KW (1˜3HP)
3 Phase 230V Series: 0.75˜37KW (1˜50HP)
3 Phase 460V Series: 0.75˜75KW (1˜100HP)
3 Phase 575V Series: 0.75˜75KW (1˜100HP)