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The VFD-S series is Delta’s cost effective general purpose drive used in a variety of applications. Its compact size, exceptionally low-noise carrier frequency and easy to use keypad make it attractive to OEM’s and end users. The VFD-S series is a NEMA1 rated drive ranging from fractional to 3 hp and is capable of handling common motor control requirements.

General Purpose Micro VFD AC Drives. Delta Electronics most cost effective general purpose drive. These Micro VFD AC drives are famous for their low-noise carrier frequency features and easy to use keypads.


115V/ 1 Phase
230V/ 1 Phase 460V/ 3 Phase
1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP
1 HP 1 HP 1 HP
2 HP 2 HP

AC Variable Frequency Drive FEATURES:
  • Adjustable V/f curve
  • Carrier frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Output frequency 1.0 ~ 400 Hz
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Support communication module (DN-02, LN-01, PD-01)
  • Momentary power failure or fault restart
  • Built-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 38400 bps
  • Built-in sleep / revival function
  • All VFD-S drives are constant torque rated.
  • All VFD-S drives are NEMA 1 rated enclosures
  • All VFD-S drives are UL, cUL, CE marked.
  • An EMI filter is required to conform to the CE EMI directive.
  • All 230V single phase input drives accept both single and three phase inputs