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Industrial Air Cleaners & Filtration Systems

Looking for the best commercial air cleaning systems on the market? At Industrial Maid, we pride ourselves on providing the most innovative, environmentally-friendly industrial filtration systems available. We are an industrial air cleaner manufacturer with a heart; our engineers are devoted to continuously honing their design skills and researching the safest, most low-impact materials on the market. We use recycled polyethylene products whenever possible, rendering the finished product lighter, cheaper, and more environmentally sound than other bulky steel equipment on the market. We can also offer any industrial air filtration products in hammertone powder coated steel.

Standard applications for our air filtration systems involve several industries, including metal fabrication, oil & gas exploration, aviation, production machining, farm shops, seed treatment, body shops, and more. Each purification system, from our standard commercial air cleaners to our industrial oil mist collection units, is meticulously designed to collect smoke, dust, fumes, vapors and mist. The equipment offers worker protection, asset protection, lower energy costs and a clean workspace.

Shop our top products today, and you’ll quickly learn why our core values are SIMPLE, FAIR, INNOVATIVE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!