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Smith Lifetime baffle and mesh filters are comprised of seven crossed layers of corrugated aluminum mesh of various graduations and densities. The patented design of the filtering element cause the air to constantly change directions when passing through the filter, thus extracting, trapping and retaining dust particles, pollen and other foreign materials in the process. Corrugation of the media reduces face loading and provides greater dust holding capacity. The layers of mesh are encased in a heavy aluminum frame, secured with rivets to assure long-term service.

The Smith Lifetime baffle or mesh filter shall be processed from sheet Aluminum, no less than .025 in thickness expanded in a special pattern of various densities of 3/32" x 5/16" x 1". The filtering element shall consist of not less than seven layers of this media, and assemble do that each layer shall lay at right angles with the preceding layer. Each layer of media shall be corrugated from 1/4" to 3/8" to provide maximum dust holding capacity. The filtering element shall be framed in a fromed aluminum channel, not less than .037thickness. Aluminum filter frame shall be secured so that the face is smooth and free of projections. Holes shall be punched on one side of frame to facilitate drainage after cleaning. Handles on frames are optional.

Smith Lifetime aluminum filters are designed to be used in heating, air conditioning and makeup air systems where a sturdy filter is needed. This filter can also be used in light grease, "low heat" applications. Maximum temperature range is 250ยบ F.

Industrial Maid has various sizes of washable aluminum filters to meet your specific need. Just click on the size that you need and the filter available in your particular size will appear. Baffle and mesh filters can also be custom made to fit odd size applications. Should you have a hard to find size just give us a call at 877-324-3247 and we will be glad to help you decide exactly what you need and get it on the way to you.

Aluminum Mesh

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