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Smith Fire Patrol filters are made from a unique roll formed baffle, designed to prevent flame from penetrating through the filter into the duct work. Two layers of equally spaced baffles create an air flow which gives unsurpassed performance in efficient grease removal. Smooth baffle surfaces cause a continuous run-off, allowing grease to be safely deposited in collection troughs.

The Smith Fire Patrol filter baffles shall be constructed from 24 gauge galvanized steel, roll formed in a unique pattern that allows the grease to easily drain as well as gives the filter extra strength. The "pad" is framed in a heavy galvanized steel frame, riveted on one side giving the filter the extra strength needed. Handles not included.

Smith Fire Patrol filters are classified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. as to flammability only after exposed to grease-laden air. Designed to be used in grease hood and fryers. Created to replace the mesh style filters, without concern for costly hood modification.

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