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High Efficiency Cyclone from Airex Industries - Cyclone air cleaners are frequently used as product receivers, as pre-cleaners to high efficiency fabric-type dust collectors, or as independent collectors for coarse dusts.

How do Cyclones work?

As the dirty air enters the high efficiency cyclone dust collector, it is forced into a swirling motion. This results in a centrifugal force acting on the dust particles suspended in the air stream. The particles, denser than the air, are forced to move outwards, and towards the cyclone wall. They then fall downwards, towards the dust bottom collon. The clean air is eventually directed towards the center of the cyclone and leaves through the top gas exit.

What are the advantages of a Cyclone Dust Collector?
  • Stable pressure drop for a given gas flow.
  • Constant efficiency for a given particulate condition
  • No moving parts; no replaceable filters, robust construction
  • Ability to handle extremely high dust concentrations
  • High temperature and pressure capability
  • Low capital investment and maintenance costs
  • Compact (in most applications)
What about Efficiency?

Efficiency is a function of the physical paramenters of the application and the design parameters of the cyclone air cleaner. Cyclone efficiency increase with:
  • Coarse particle size distribution
  • Higher products specific gravity
  • Lower gas density
  • Smaller outlet diameter. An increase in pressure drop also results.
How do I choose the right high efficiency cyclone dust collector?

Industrial Maid carries three cyclone designs in order to best meet the application's requirements. The GP series is designed for economical first cost and is currently used for general purposes. The HE series is tuned to obtain a higher efficiency in more critical applications. The HF series is used in high flow applications in order to have a more compact configuration.

If you aren't sure about which wet collection system is best for you just give us a call at
Industrial Maid 855-752-5043 and speak to a dust collection expert about your application.

For easy reference we have included links to published guidelines, regulations and other information regarding the safe handling of combustible dust in the workplace:

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OSHA - Directive Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program CPL 03-00-008
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