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Ducted Side-Access

Ducted Air Filtration Systems

Looking for a new industrial ducted air purifier or a replacement to keep your facilities clean and your workers safe? Our engineers pride themselves on creating quality ducted commercial air filtration systems that perform efficiently & effectively. You will save money on energy consumption and repairs while keeping your plant clean, safe and productive. You’ll also notice the longer filter service lifespan of these high-performing ducted fume and particulate collectors.

The terms “ducted dust collectors” and “dusted fume collectors” are often interchangeable, as these ducted filters collect welding smoke, welding or soldering fumes, grinding dust, vapors, oil mist, odors and more by way of a ducted source capturing system. Our ducted air purifiers can be customized to be installed various ways indoors and can even be installed outdoors. Use our ducted commercial air filtration systems as a substitute for exhausting conditioned air outside your factory or welding space.

Order your ducted industrial air cleaner today and learn why Shop Industrial Maid is the go-to source for industrial filtration equipment!