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Extended Surface Bags

Our extended pocket bag air filters meet a variety of needs and applications while offering maximized performance and durability. Our engineers work hard to bring you the best replacement pocket filters for your air filtration systems, so whether you’re looking for replacement multi-pocket bag air filters or want to check out a new option, we can help you out. We offer industry-respected names like the Purapak surface media bag filters, which are constructed with ultra-fine fiberglass media and are particularly excellent for applications involving oily welding smoke or in the collection of oil machine smoke & mist.

These extended surface bags also feature an exclusive internal header design that eliminates the need for racking during installation and adds to the overall durability of the product. These efficient and powerful air cleaner pocket bag air filters can be used in hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing plants, and more. They meet the requirements for ASHRAE efficiency, and we offer an array of sizes with 4, 6, 8 or 10 pockets to even more finely tailor the bag filters to your needs. Simply contact us today and our experts will help you find the perfect replacement multi-pocket bag air filters for you!

Industrial Maid has various sizes of 95% and 65% Bag filters with 8 or 10 Pockets to meet your specific need. Just click Glasfloss ZL Series on the size that you need and the different pocket filters available in your particular size will appear. Should you have a hard to find size that is not listed just give us a call at 855-752-5043 and we will be glad to help you decide exactly what type of pocket bag air filters need and get them on the way to you.

*Filters have loops for hanging
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Glasfloss Purapak extended surface bag filters offer excellent performance and durability for applications requiring medium to high ASHRAE efficiencies. The bag filters feature ultra fine fiberglass media and are ideal for applications where fiberglass is specified. An exclusive internal header design adds strength to the filters and virtually eliminates racking during installation. ASHRAE 52.1 efficiency ranges include 40-45%, 60-65%, 80-85%, and 90-95. Glasfloss Purapak bag filters are available in most standard and special depths.

Glasfloss Purapak bag filters are constructed with ultra-fine fiberglass media. Individual pockets are formed by span stitching down the length of the pockets, which allows for maximum utilization of the media. Each pocket is fastened to the next with an "L" shaped support rib, preventing the pocket from pulling free under adverse conditions.The entire assembly is encased in a galvanized steel frame to prevent racking during installation.

Glasfloss Purapak bag filters provide dependable performance in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The exclusive Glasfloss internal header design ensures maximum durability and ease of installation in hospitals, manufacturing plants, office buildings and many other applications.

Industrial Maid
carries the full range of filters needed for industrial air filtration systems. We can supply the pleat, bag, cartridge, baffle, mesh, carbon or roll media to make your industrial or commercial air cleaning equipment run at top efficiency. Our filters are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at prices that can't be matched.

There is no secret to our success. Just give us a call at TF: 855-752-5043 and you will find that we have the experience and expertise to understand how your equipment operates, and that we are here to make sure it is running at optimum efficiency.

Industrial Maid's industrial and commercial air filters are constructed to the highest standards. We appreciate that air filtration systems are a considerable investment - both budgetary and for the health and safety of workers. Any ventilation system can only be as efficient as its filters so we are here to ensure they are robust and reliable and able to stand up to the toughest workloads in the toughest environments.

The following part numbers represent the most common configurations now available but if you don't see what you're looking for please give
Industrial Maid a call at TF: 855-752-5043 where
experts are on hand to make sure you get the filter configuration that you need. Let's talk about your specific requirements, then we'll get to work on a solution for you.