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20x20x4 Pleated Filter
(6 per Carton)

20x20x4 Pleated Filter </span></span><br>(6 per Carton)

Our Price: $69.60

Product : FP44-2020

Description Technical Specs
High performance pleated filters that offer a solution for virtually every application as a primary filter or as a pre-filter in a multi-stage system. Feature electrostatically charged, 100% synthetic media for high initial and sustained efficiency over the life of the filter. The fibers do not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.
The media is laminated to a galvanized metal that stabilizes the media during operation. The pleats are formed in a radial configuration to ensure proper dust loading. The standard pleated cartridge is bonded into a two-piece, heavy-duty, beverage board die cut frame that creates a double wall thickness around the filter and prevents air bypass. The die cut grilles are internally bonded to the pleat apexes on the air entering and leaving sides to ensure maximum integrity and support during the life of the filter.